About Tom

I started my hobby of Photography in 1972 when I purchased a Sears Richo 35mm camera. I also learned how to process and print Black and White film. Wanting to learn more about Photography I took several night classes at Du Page College. There I learned how Photography started and how early prints were made. I learned how to make potassium bicarbonate prints, which look like watercolor paintings, and also how silk screens are made. We also learned how to make Cyanotypes which is the process for making Blue Prints, and made for some interesting photographs.

The other classes I took introduced me to Basics, Light and Composure, Using Depth of Field. I also learned different techniques to use in the dark when processing prints. I was also shown how to use Large Format Cameras like the standard 4 x 5 and 5 x 7 with all the tilts and swings that those cameras have to offer.

When film cameras fell out of favor I picked up a few inexpensive pocket Digital Camera to take pictures with. I wasn’t really satisfied with the options those cameras had to offer like an SLR film camera had. I wanted the ability to change lenses and bring more creativity to the work I was doing. I was holding out hope the 35 mm lenses I had would have a 2nd life on a new DLSR camera.

In the Spring of 2017, I purchased a Pentax K1, which at the time described the K1 as probably the best landscape DLSR on the market. I purchased a number of lenses, new and used, for my set up, and I am in the process of learning how to make use of all the features this camera was built to use.

Some of the things I enjoy photographing are my 2nd hobby, competitive Civil War black powder shooting. We compete wearing historically correct uniforms and compete with original and accurate reproduction arms. The arms we use cover everything from a single shot smoothbore pistol to original full-size field artillery using “Live Ammunition”. I also like touring Civil War Battle Field and Cemeteries which are all over the Eastern and Southern parts of this country. I was also a paid extra in the filming of North and South II, which was filmed in 1985 in Natchez, Mississippi. I enjoy History and photographing it is dear to my heart.

I joined your small circle of artists to expand my medium of photography to a new level. I do most of my work as a Photo Journalism, but exposure to painted or drawn work would help in the area of Studio Photography, which I would like to gain some knowledge in this area

Web Sites: www.deviantart.com/thomasshedd a work in progress