Mick Griesbaum Nerd Byrd Studio Creating one of a kind items using up-cycled material. Mixed Media wall hangings & Functional Accessories. I grew up in Lombard, attended Willow Brook H.S, went to College of DuPage and earned an Associates of Applied Science with an emphasis on Architecture. Many drawing, painting & architectural courses lead me to where I am today…

All my artistic endeavors derive from Architectural courses I took at the College of DuPage some 30 years ago–more specifically from the professor of those courses David Leary to whom I’m indebted to for bringing out a side of my brain I didn’t know existed. I was taught to see beyond what my visual intuition was showing me and in order to make/create something from an idea or concept it required a lot more than a half-hearted effort.

The inspiration or the spark will only take you so far – self driven motivation & diligence will carry you for the balance of the project. He was incredibly theoretical and showed you how to untether your brain from the object in question, to see things from different perspectives until you were able to see them on your own. I’m inspired by shapes and colors I see in everyday life, a good portion of my ideas come from viewing art & architecture – I see something in a painting, sculpture or structure and I try to make my own interpretation of it – I’m drawn to biomorphic shapes, clan line structures & exposed steel, curved metal and glass.

My influences: Anish Koopar, Daniel Libeskind, Frank Gehry, Buckminster Fuller, Hieronymus Bosch & Juan Miro. What I do: Hand Made Mixed media wall hangings, Paintings, Tables, Pedestals Materials I use: Metal/Alum. – Concrete – Wood – Paint Items I Up-cycled: Wood, Wooden Boxes, Picture Frames, Glass Bowls, Industrial components.

Email: Mickey Griesbaum mickgriesbaum@gmail.com