Michael Criswell is an artist from central Illinois, currently residing in the Chicago area.  Michael often utilizes patterns and optical illusions to propel the viewer into a colorful world of both the abstract and familiar.   Sometimes he chooses to convey his message through the use of geometric shapes and intricate pattern work.  At other times, he incorporates organic forms with bright, multi-colored arrangements.

From a young age, Michael loved creating drawings based on his interest in comics, cartoons, monsters and sci-fi creatures from the movies and television shows he enjoyed in his youth.  His fascination with animation and drawing eventually led him to expand his artistic horizons into the world of abstract art.

After High School, Michael honed his skills as an artist while attending college in Normal, Illinois.  While in Normal, he enrolled at Heartland Community College, developing professional skills in drawing, painting, photography and sculpture.  He then headed north to complete his undergraduate studies at Columbia College Chicago.

The blueprints for his current process start with choosing interesting shapes and forms to manipulate through the use of unique color combinations and intricate line work.  In the next steps, he edits and positions the image content at a variety of angles before deciding to either finish the work digitally, as a painting on canvas, or ink on paper.

Michael enjoys gathering information from sources that interest him and going on adventures with his family and friends.  He’s also inspired by stories of unexplained phenomena, character journeys described in ancient myths, and the moments that move him while listening to music or watching movies.

Most of Michael’s free time is taken up by creating, studying various topics and mapping out his next travel plans.  He loves to meet new people, absorb the culture and cuisines of unique places and collect ideas for his art projects.  He’s not fond of snakes, the screeching sound of nails on a chalkboard, or negativity.

Instagram: @michaelcriswellart
Facebook: @shopcriswellart