About Hanh

A Chicago native, Hanh always had a passion for art. She is well known as 'Petite' by families and friends. It was a childhood nickname given to her by a close family member. Growing up, Hanh knew she wanted to pursue an art career. In 2003, she graduated from the American Academy of Art with a Bachelor's in Design. She's done graphic design work at various different companies and also freelanced. She married her high school sweetheart and moved to the west suburbs in 2007. After a couple of years hiatus from the art scene to raise her children, Hanh has taken upon a fun side gig doing face painting. She really enjoyed the creative freedom of this technique. This is where she got more interested in working with fine arts and self expression. Hanh started experimenting on canvas with styles ranging from mixed media, street art, abstract, arts and crafts, contemporary and impressionism. Her work consists of free-flowing movements, patterns and textures. She loves giving that extra decorative detail by adding scrapbook embellishments to her work. You may find that her inspirations comes from renowned artists, people in her life, places explored, everyday experiences, nature itself and the emotions she feels at the moment. She is currently experimenting with hand painting glass art. Hanh looks forward to continue creating  captivating art pieces, both digital and traditional. She hopes to be more engage in the art community and someday involved with mural projects.

Contact Info:

Instagram: @wingt2h.art
Facebook Page: @ArtbyWingT2H