The Corner Gallery


We call it The Corner Gallery because it lives at The Corner House in Downtown Lombard. This is our first gallery in town! We hope to grow to more locations around town.

Five times a year, we change out the art at The Corner House, giving local artists a chance to show off their work and talents. We started off with five artists ,and from there each show has grown.

Now we are featuring at least 10 to 14 artists every show. For many of them, this is the first time they are showing their art in public.

We want to be a supportive art environment for artists.

Virat, the Owner of The Corner House, and his crew are major supporters of our efforts in bringing art to Lombard.

Corner House Gallery Art Submissions

* Studio630 membership is required to hang in the gallery

To become a member click here

Sell Your Art! Remember you can sell your art but you don't have too.  No pressure.

Things to Keep In Mind when Submitting your Work:

  • At this gallery, we have spots for about 24 to 36 pieces of art and we can break up the different wall segments into themes.
  • 1 to 3 pieces per member of average size ( up to 11×16 inch ) will hang or one Large piece over 30 to 40 inches in height or width.
  • Submit 1 form per artwork.  If you are submitting more than 3 pieces they might be held for the next show depending on wall space.
  • Sizes recommended: 4×4 up to 24×14 inches.
  • If you have several small pieces that are part of a larger piece that can be counted as one work. But they have to be together and marked for an order of placement.
  • We also have several large spaces. (up to 40×48 over fireplace 48×48 back hall wall)
  • Work must be ready to hang.  Wire or standard Hanging attachment. -Dimensional pieces WELCOME. Fabric or ceramic pieces that can hang on walls or is ready to hang on walls.
  • Small sculptures might work too, please submit images and sizes for confirmation.


  • You can use reproductions of your own work, ie: Prints or reprints
  • NO Matted only work. If it's only in a matte, it should be framed for ease of hanging and protection of your work.
  • Works MUST BE READY TO HANG: Saw Tooth BracketNail Hole build into the frame or Wired. If it can't hang safely on the wall it can't hang. Plus it takes extra work from the team to pay special attention to your work.
  • If your work isn't ready to hang we require you to be there for proper mounting of your work ( will always be happy to help you if you are new to this. It just requires a little more prep time.)
  • Works should have a PG rating. (It's a public place with children around)
  • Merchant is not responsible for lost or stolen art.