I am a self-taught artist who has worked in the field for the past 35 years or so. My love is working
in Acrylics, but I have dabbled with watercolors, colored pencils, batik, and oils as well.

I began my professional art journey with my village. I was asked to paint a rose that would be auctioned off for charity. I ended up painting 3 of them. I took the chance on one of them and approached the NHL for
permission to paint the Blackhawks on one and was given the permission to do the registered
copyrighted piece. After I was done, it was then taken to the locker room where all of the members of the
Blackhawk team signed my rose. It was auctioned off as the highest piece and all the money went to
the food pantry.

From there I did many other projects for the village and was asked to sit on the Niles Arts and Culture Council where I currently have a position for the past 4 years. I am president of the Niles Artisan Guild. I belong to the Arts in Bartlett Gallery as well as the Wilmette Gallery. I am an art teacher for the Arts in Bartlett.

Aside from being a visual artist, I am also a performing artist. My company is The Story Spinners where I travel around the country telling stories of all genres for all ages.

Debi Gajewski

The Wonderful Wizard of Art

Niles, Illinois


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