About Bruce

bruce-schuurmann_bio_imageArt Biography of Bruce Schuurmann For 30 years, I did medical imaging in black and white. During that time I also took a course in black and white photography, learning darkroom techniques. Then for nearly 20 years I photographed traditional black and white photos exposed on film and printed in the darkroom.

When digital imaging became popular in the early 2000s, I took courses in using a digital camera and in Photoshop. It was then that I discovered color.

I grew up and was educated in Michigan, but moved to New Mexico in 1971 where I lived for 40 years among red rocks and beautiful scenery. The past 3 years I have lived in the Western Suburbs of Chicago close to family.

When in the Southwest, I showed my work in many solo and group shows both open and juried. In the last years in New Mexico, I led an artist’s co-operative in Gallup, New Mexico.

I am attracted to the patterns seen in landscapes, trees and flowers. The shapes I see on the ground and in the sky can be fascinating. My first solo show was entitled “In the Inferior Gaze” which displayed what I saw at Being able to see is a wonderful gift. It is even better to be caught off guard by an image and wonder at it. I like to capture images that grab the eye’s attention and then share them with others.


331 Garfield Terrace

Lombard, Illinois 60148

Mobile phone: 505 870 2688

e-mail: bsfineprints@me.com