About Barbara

My first one-woman exhibit, in 2001, was titled “A Colorful Journey.” It consisted of my first professional-quality paintings, done while I was a student at the College of DuPage. The paintings I exhibited at that show were of very diverse subjects but had in common bright, energetic colors. They were full of life.

My work has come a long way since then, but I still love to paint bright, colorful pictures. Sometimes I paint landscapes, sometimes, flowers or people or animals. Sometimes, lately, my paintings are simply about design and color and mood. Even when my paintings are representational, I like to exaggerate their elements to the point where they become abstract, which enables the viewer to identify the subject and then forget it, to contemplate only the shapes and colors.

I get lost in my own world when I’m working, and I hope my viewers will get lost for a while, too, and emerge renewed and refreshed.