About April


April was raised in the Chicagoland area and has participated in national and local exhibitions since graduating from Judson University in Elgin, IL After studying painting in Hong Kong in 2006 she developed a deep appreciation for experiencing different cultures and analyzing the implications of standards in society as a whole. She has been active in the Chicago and suburban art community, as well as a design business owner, and enjoys traveling internationally for inspiration. Creation touches the soul’s understanding of intangibles, rather than appealing to a logical & systematic way of thinking. Art is a risk in and of itself. Either a masterpiece is created or a mess is made, but all of those pieces of our decisions create beauty in life. Mistakes are as beautiful as our successes. April’s Philosophy speaks to life’s fluidity and people’s inherent tendency towards the comfort & safety of routine in an effort to merely survive. It is not until one can break free from the fear of the unknown and plunge head first into an ocean of possibilities that they can grasp how much more vast the perception of reality can be. “Creating things that beautifully display brokenness in a completely honest form is counterintuitive because we’ve been taught to “fix” things by maintaining some perceived form of control. This act is basically fighting the nature of the world and can fosters more frustration from fighting a losing battle rather than accepting that all things must return to the dust they were created from. Embrace the mistakes.”

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